Women's Business Print T-Shirt Logo Designed For You

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About this product: this section is right for you if you do not have a business or company logo and want one designed for you, it will be printed to a t-shirt or t-shirts plus you will also get the original artwork for later use.

What you get with business logo design: you get to choose from 3 logo designs which we will design with your help, ideas and business in mind, when you have chosen the business logo you like from the 3 designs this will then be applied to a t-shirt or extra t-shirts at your request and these will be sent out by mail, you will then also receive by e-mail the artwork as an .Ai illustrator file, PNG and JPEG file, this will allow you to use the artwork straight away and as much as you like, you can use it on websites, banners, stationary, social media, letterheads and on many other company needs.

Why order from here: price is the big factor many stores ask from £199 for a business logo and call it affordable when we all know that it is not, we also do not do long drawn out phone calls or take weeks to get your design ready for you, we ask a few simple questions by e-mail and get your ideas and then aim to have the business logo ready within 4 to 7 days, sometimes sooner plus you will also get that logo quality printed upon a t-shirt.  

Do i need to contact you before ordering: No you do not just order straight away and we will contact you by e-mail to get your ideas and suggestions with a few questions, after this we will be back in contact with you in a few days after the logos are ready, you will then pick which one you like and we will make the t-shirt and get your logo e-mailed to you, if you should have any questions beforehand e-mail us here orders@amourrocks.com and our team will answer any concerns.

Image Upload: if you already have an idea or sample image when ordering please upload it, we prefer Ai (illustrator files), PSD (Photoshop files), PNG, JPEG or PDF, even a photo is fine.

How much does this cost:

This service is a flat rate of £24.99, you will only have to pay postage on top of that for the t-shirt and nothing else extra, there are no hidden design, proofing, screening costs or other companies fees that you might see elsewhere. 

How to order:

  1. Choose Your T-Shirt Colour
  2. Choose Your T-Shirt Size
  3. Upload your any image ideas you have .AI, .PSD, .PNG or .JPEG
  4. Select a quantity
  5. Add to cart

Once your order is placed you will receive an e-mail as explained above, we aim to have your t-shirt and business logo ready for shipping within 4 to 7 days at no extra cost for this speedy service.

If you are ordering size 18 or 20 these are only available in black or white, to view accurate measurements of all the women's t-shirts please view the Size Chart.

If you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here > Contact Us