Star Gold Hotfix Rhinestud Shapes

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Rhinestud shapes are the affordable way to decorate clothing, materials, cushions, bedding, wedding dresses, dance costumes and more,

They can also be applied to many more fabrics with ease, all you need is a household iron or hot fix applicator tool,

The best thing about hotfixing is that it is so much fun and rewarding, you can make clothing look much more expensive than it is, you can bring a luxury feel to cushions which will for sure get noticed whilst getting a sense of satisfaction that you did these designs yourself,

They are not limited for application to clothing either, they can also be used in crafts for greeting cards, invitations and art projects just to mention a few,

Choose the shape and colour you want and tap into the creative side you may have been overlooking, using Hotfix Rhinestone shapes is great for all ages.