Hotfix Metal Letter A Gold

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Pieces Per Pack:
1 Letter

Hotfix Metal Letters in gold are perfect for decorating so many things from clothing, handbags, cards, shoes and much more, They are much better than alternative options as these are metal and not plastic, and also the fact that they can be applied with ease and should remain permanent once applied,

To apply these you will either need a household iron, a hotfix applicator tool or a heat press, but if you did'nt want to use any of them you can always use a good glue,

All hotfix metal letters already have their own glue sealed inside them, the glue is hard so once heated the glue becomes soft and applies to which ever surface you heat it to, hotfix is so much fun and the preferred way of design styling clothes by many of the famous fashion houses from around the world,

  • each pack contains 1 letter
  • each letter is approx. 12mm high