Fluorescent Green Hotfix Candy Rhinestones

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Pieces Per Pack:
144 candy rhinestones

The brighter way to customise and decorate your clothing, with Hotfix Candy Rhinestones you can create some really eye catching designs that everyone will love,

They apply to most fabrics and can make them look much more expensive and desirable, creating exciting designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, hoodies and denim or even decorate cushions and curtains,

Hotfix Candy Rhinestones are applied with ease, if applied correctly they will remain permanent to what they are applied to,

No glue needed, all you need is a household iron or a hotfix applicator tool as each candy rhinestone has a hard back glue which becomes soft once heated then goes hard again after a few seconds applying it to whatever it is applied to,

So easy to use and so much fun, you will be surprised with what you can do once you start, create skulls, stars or names for t-shirts the choice is yours or make greek key decorative boarders to cushions,

Each pack contains approx. 144 rhinestones.