Czech Flower Crystal Hotfix Rhinestone Shapes

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Rhinestone shapes are a perfect choice for all those who wish to achieve the very best look to the material, clothing and items they are customizing,

These Rhinestone shapes are Hotfix, this means they can be applied without you needing to purchase a glue as each rhinestone already has a glue applied to it, you can't see or feel this glue as it is hard and invisbile and only becomes active once it is heated, when applied the application can be permanent,

To apply the rhinestones you are going to need a household iron or a hotfix rhinestone applicator, you can use your own glue should you not wish to hotfix them but by fashion standards hotfixing is the best method and using a hotfix tool is much more professional for detail work,

Using these hotfix rhinestone shapes is very easy and once you understand how to apply them you will be shocked at why you have not been hotfixing for years before,

Hotfix rhinestones are the preferred choice by many fashion designers around the world, they bring a look of expense to all items they are applied to, so get creative today and bring a luxury sparkle to wedding dresses, dance costumes, bedding, cushions, shoes, handbags and much more, it's just so much fun and rewarding tap into your creative side.