Bulk Gem Flock Rhinestone Stencil Creator (100 meters)

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Wholesale Gem Flock Rhinestone Stencil Creator (100 meters)

The wholesale 100 meter roll is perfect for businesses that want to create many rhinestone stencils or for those who wish to re-sell the Gem Flock on in smaller pieces and make a profit.

Gem Flock is a unique material designed by Amour Rocks for making rhinestone transfers, you can create rhinestone transfers and motifs over and over again with speed using the same stencils you create,

How does it work: you use Gem Flock in a vinyl cutter, you can create designs using any vector based program like illustrator, Coreldraw or if you want a rhinestone program so it's even easier, then choose Roland R-wear studio, then cut. Once cut you then peel the circles from the Gem Flock stencil and then apply the Gem Flock stencil to a piece of card and simply brush rhinestones into it the newly cut out circles that have been created, you then use clear rhinestone stencil tape to pick up the rhinestones which is now a rhinestone transfer ready for use or sale, you can repeat this process over and over again on the same piece of Gem Flock stencil you cut.

This unique flock will save you hundreds of pounds, increase your rhinestone design output and allow you to create the best designs as you are not restricted with time, a simple design like in the image saying "Gem Flock" will take you under a couple of minutes to make, now if you were not using gem flock a design like that would take around half hour to create by hand,

Think of the possibilities this can bring to your business and hobby, you will no longer be restricted to having stencils engraved that are costly and take days to create, and you will no longer be restricted by time if making stencils by hand with tweezers.

Gem Flock is a break through in rhinestone transfer designs.

Many businesses are now switching to our Gem Flock and it is easy to understand why.

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