Czech Cut Hotfix Jet Rhinestones - Squares

Czech Cut Hotfix Jet Rhinestones - Squares

Posted by Victoria on 1st Aug 2016

Czech Hotfix Jet Square Rhinestones

Now in-stock are the Czech cut hotfix rhinestones that are jet black in colour, square in shape and 5mm x 5mm in size, this is a rhinestone that the customers have been requesting for Amour Rocks to stock and it is no wonder why, black on black looks amazing when there is a dazzling sparkle coming from it, upon hats, scarves, coats, dresses, t-shirts and more these are a winner.

The beauty of Czech cut rhinestones is the sharp detailed cuts that give the rhinestone brilliance, upon fabrics and garments those items then pack a more luxurious look, see what they can offer you with your fashion and craft ideas you won't be disappointed.

Czech Square Jet Hotfix Rhinestones from £1.85 per pack.