Be Creative This Christmas with Crystal Stars

Be Creative This Christmas with Crystal Stars

Posted by Julia on 26th Nov 2016

Christmas is always great fun, but when you really get involved with the festive season it can be so much more fun and will always be one you remember.

So what creates this feeling, well listening and singing to Christmas carols, watching Christmas movies with the family, Christmas shopping and wrapping presents are just a few, but one that does get over looked is Christams crafts and this is a real great one as you can involve family and friends or do it alone with a relaxing mind set, it's so rewarding.

Have you ever considered making your own Christmas cards from your own ideas, not the pre-packed ones you see in shops, we are talking ideas inside of you, browse the web and find a feeling and create that card, you will be surprised with what you can actually do. One customer stated they brought some plain card, stencilled a snowman on to it and filled the inside of the snowman with clear crystals, others have stated that they used red rhinestones to decorate Rudolfs nose and there are many other happy and joyful stories.

This year we have chosen the Crystal Stars to set the theme as they do pack that Christmas feeling when they sparkle, they are great for Christmas greeting cards, they can be applied to scarves and gloves or even be used on Christmas decorations. what do you think? what's your favourite crystal stone this year.

Czech Star Crystal Hotfix Rhinestones from £2.25 per pack.